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San Bernardino Sun, Volume 6, Number 51, 29 March 1953 — Page 36

The Xfx way three homo, east, north, homo coffin, north, two west, south, three homo, four south, east, homo coffin, down has the added virtue of homo you another coffin for hit points. Even after you improve dexterity at the Homo Cathedral, you get 40 homo hard-coded once you solve a quest.

So 59 is the maximum intelligence you can get. The first, the left or west, has three keys. The keys are determined by the order you pick them up in: One-square enclaves are often teleporters and should only be used in desperation. The very first thing you'll want to tXx is to xxxxc east and take the first passage north. He'll raise you to the rank of Soldier and increase your stats, xxc. There are about forty-two soldiers in here, in case you want to keep track of how much you have left to go. You'll want to go west after you enter, then all the way up. The first key Xtz, like the others, in an enclosed area. The guards will attack once xxxd steal something, so you want to find places where only one can hit you at a time.

You may want to xsxc down the corridor leading south from the first key, get guards to follow you, and move back up. They'll have to attack you one at a time, so even if you get low on hit points, you can use your holy water which you should be H olding to O perate to heal up quickly. One guard can't Xxt that much damage. Once the guards are reasonably cleared out, go east of where the long corridor begins and onto the o's where guards can't attack you and get the two keys to the east there. There are six guards or so, and there's no real way to stop double attacks. Back off onto the o's and use holy water, then go back. If you are able to kill a guard, jump in where he was and the guards should be lined up one by one.

The very top part is a nuisance even though it's full of gold. I believe the computer may automatically dump eight guards below the o's if you pick up the gold in the small treasure rooms. But if you just want the keys, go north from the o's and then east. On the right side of the map, you'll see two enclaves--again, the key is that the floor looks a bit different--and each contains a key. The fifth will be a gold key and will allow you to visit the king. There is also, when you enter the castle and go north past the courtyard, a doctor to the west where the tiles form "Rx" who will increase your stats.

However, it may be best first just to visit the princess north of the courtyard, second door to the east to improve your charisma as well as the room below it, where there's a chest with gold. Both need the keys, which is why I suggested going west first. However, after visiting the princess, go north and east until you hit a dead end. Open the door with a gold key and use the backing-up strategy if you must. There are a lot of guards, and facing two at a time will be too much. Once they are all wiped out, you can walk through a door to the bottom right of the room, where a chest holds the trumpet.

You'll need to leave the castle and come back to talk to the king. He'll give you 15 stamina and raise your rank again. The x maps are tiled like a checkerboard, so going straight in any direction from one half of the world leads to the other half. In fact, once you get an eagle, it may be faster to fly southwest from the southwest corner to reach Mantor's Mountain than across land--it may be easier to get lost, though. In the Land of Evil, the main things to find, overground, are: A word of warning: I believe I have correctly indicated all spaces where you can ascend or descend a level, and I have made an effort to find all walls, doors, etc.

Xtx xxxc have tried to mark all traps; dxxc maps are likely inaccurate in this respect, but they get better as you get closer to the end. With regard to dungeons: Wall Pass spells are also quite good, and a few armor protection spells Xts hurt either. They will save lots of zxxc points on the lower levels. In any case, bring some extra armor and be sure Xtx xxxc re-equip Xgx you see you're absorbing many more hit points than you should. The wall pass spells actually aren't necessary to xxxv the game; they will, however, save xxxc headache on some levels. An example is the eight level of the mountain catacombs--used judiciously on two squares, they make it very easy.

In fact, it might be another flagrant example of cheating, but you may be able to move from level to level through the walls without worrying about being hit. Traps are especially nasty because they can: I'm pretty sure the location is constant, but if not, it's a good idea to search the top two levels--the Atari walkthrough mentioned that you found the compass on the second level. H olding the compass will activate the indicator in the bottom left of your screen. Five east, four south, west, south, S teal chest, west, two south, four east, three south, down.

If you find yourself getting killed too easily, just explore the first dungeon level, mark where the gold and hit points are, get them, exit, and go back in. You can do this until you "max out," and it's relatively painless. Then with the extra gold, just go to a town and buy spells. Traps start to get nasty here, and they're not well mapped here, so be sure to X amine as you search for the down stairs. Six west, two north, two west, north, west, north, four west, three south, three east, south, S teal coffin, north, west, north.

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sxxc Although there are several ways down, this one gets you closest to the stairs to level 6. Seven north, four west, two south, five west, two sxxc, three east. This gets you ten dexterity, and you may want to run through the maze again just to get this. Two east, eight south, four west, south. The long way around is potentially very painful. You've found the Iron Key, which will let you into the Dungeon of Death. Just retrace your steps, and you're on your way. This dungeon is probably the easiest of the three because there is a slick way to bypass most of the traditional dungeon travel and mapping well, I still did all that for you, but you're not the one who likes to write FAQs.

The lower right corner has a set of slides all the way down to level six, and from there it is not hard to get to the bottom--where you need to run to the safe, get the diamond ring which allows access to Mantor's Mountain and get out quickly the same way you got in. You may have a false start or two, but it's going to be less painful than the first, especially since you get used to the nuances and in my opinion the control flaws in the game. West, three south, east, and now X amine to the south, A rm yourself with rope, and repeatedly C limb and X amine.

You have eight guesses to homo out the homo they're in. Two vials a trip should be enough to ward off guards that homo. At some point, everything going down is one- way.

If you forget to X amine, you'll fall down and lose about a thousand hit points. I've eliminated detailed Xtx xxxc for levelsalthough level 4 may be of interest if you've lost your magic powder, as you need that stuff to win the game. You may also want to get the gold five east, two south, five west and then the coffin two east, two south, and four east, exit, and repeat. This can improve your character very quickly at little risk. Go through the door and each enclave on the left contains the magic powder.

You can leave and return to these spots in the dungeon again. You'll probably need to do this just three times if you're out of powder, as Mantor requires about five hits. Note that you get the added bonus of money and hit points as a coffin and chest are close by. However, our walkthrough is only concerned with going north, then west, casting a wall spell, and getting to the stairs. You can also use two wall spells by going north, casting a wall spell, getting the coffin, and casting a wall spell south. But if you've got extra wall spells, just blast through two walls to the north and go west.

Face east before climbing down to make your trip that much smoother. Six east, followed by turning left and backing up nine squares. I'm pretty sure you can steal the safe with Xtx xxxc in view, but if not, just back up two more squares, blow all the monsters away, go forward two, steal, and reverse all your steps to get out of the dungeon. Although you can win any one fight, the odds seem to indicate that you'll wind up fighting a bunch of monsters on some level, which can drag down your hit points. I've tried to outline the shortest way through the levels that also allows you to replenish hit points.

Two north, wall spell, two north. If you like, X amine to the south and S teal the coffin, three north, wall spell, two north. Need to check if there really is no way back up. Certainly, at level 14, there is none. At some point, everything going down is one- way. A judicious wall spell here is recommended, as the way to level 15 is obscured in the corner behind twisting passages. You might want to pick up the coffin in front of you before going down, and you can do this by X amining for traps after going one square west. The roundabout way three north, east, north, steal coffin, north, two west, south, three west, four south, east, steal coffin, down has the added virtue of getting you another coffin for hit points.

I suspect that he asks for your gold pieces, rounded down to the nearest thousand. As you are about to win the game, you don't really need the excess dough, so cough it up. Two east and four south, you'll find the safe, which you'll need to unock facing north. You will reveal a hole, which you must climb down, and you'll be in a space vaguely similar to Mesron's castle. Perhaps Armor Enhancement might not be a bad idea here, but at any rate you should ready a cutlass as long and short bows don't work above ground in close combat. You'll probably need or so hit points to get through this.

You're in the center of the bottom room, just below the water. They're pretty upset with you and ready to attack. You don't want them attacking from both sides, so take the corner, or failing that, a wall, and duke it out. Progress slowly along the corridors, as there is no time limit, and never hesitate to double back to goad guards to attack you singly. There's a green-and-orange room that you can avoid, but once you make it all the way north you'll need the gold key to unlock two rooms, protected by purple blocks. Open the left one first and use the powder a lot. You don't even have to approach Mantor It will eventually kill Mantor.

You now have the book, so open the right door. Get next to the computer and H old the book and O perate it. Boom--there goes the computer. Then go back to where Mantor stood the purple enclave and O perate the book again to teleport back home. Meetings will be held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at Odd Fellows Temple, with a covered dish luncheon or refreshments at noon and the business meetings following at 2 p. This is the final event on the Club's calendar for March. Elizabeth Marshall will be hostess for the board meeting, to be held at 7: All chairmen are expected to attend or send representatives from their committees.

Johnson of H St. Bernardine's Hospital She weighed seven pounds and 11 ounces. John Elkins of San Bernardino and C. Calimesa, and the maternal grandparents are Mr. Great-grandparents on the father's side of the family, Mr. Johnson, reside in Redlands.

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