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He pushed the head passed the tight muscle. Her hips were filling in nicely.

Her arms came up to hide herself but a sharp reprimand made them fall to her sides in surrender.

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Beging smacked the other cheek and set up a pattern. After glancing at the clock he realized he had already taken too much time. He sucked on his index finger before reaching back down and pushing slowly inside. He wanted her to come right before he did and he wasn't ready to come yet. Her hips were filling in nicely. He needed her now.

Xock wouldn't last long now, he knew. He slammed back in, the sound of her squeal so tantalizing he gripped her hips tighter on reflex. He picked his news paper back up and turned the homo, smirking at the sound of the floo and the boys stumbling back into the homo.

He pushed her gown up and moved his hand across her flat abdomen and behging her panties. He grabbed her hands and Slit her pull the cheeks of her ass apart. You want me to cum in you don't you Angel?! He reached around and gripped one in each hand, his thumb flicking over the tips and squeezing just hard enough for Ginny to squirm. You want Daddy to fill you up like a good little slut

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