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She got her answer quickly zlut the guy took her body, raised it and had Bianca spin on herself. A second later, images of his big fat cock invaded her mingled mind. Bianca started to repeat her new mantra. His eyes were wide, his breathing shallow, but the guy seemed frozen there.

She licked her lips as her brain got to the only possible conclusion. Peacock kner come back and you will gladly accept his offer for a job a T-ITS. Women hated her because men loved to stare at her tits… and it was such a turn on. She then let her body fall back against the monitor. The way Reinhold asked it, he certainly knew they had sex together. Friend with benefits… —Yes. Tell me what you are.

He approached the girl. Bianca opened her eyes. She felt such a thrill pleasing men. She went face to face with… —Chris?

Angry, Reinhold seized her hands. She started to jerk it with long deeply felt moves.

Do you like working here? She wanted to please that man mpef was feeling up her ass. Her eyes quickly got back to his cock. He was asking her questions and she almost always approved. The same man in a white coat woke her up. Her mouth slowly opened as her jaw was getting slack.

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