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Employee was educated and verbalized understanding. Over-all date marking is much improved. The homo uses chlorine test strips and the bar homo uses Quat test strips.

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Shall re-surface to have the bare wood be a smooth, cleanable and nonabsorbent surface. Any unused portion after 7 days must be discarded. Food storage - preventing contamination from the premises Observation: This cooler does NOT have a thermometer. Bucket removed during inspection. Food employee was educated and verbalized understanding. Test kit provided and used to measure sanitizing solution concentration Observation: The most current license posted had expired in Certified Food Protection Manager with management and supervisory responsibility employed by the establishment Observation: Over-all date marking is much improved.

No established procedures for responding to vomiting and diarrheal events. The reach in prep cooler which is over 50 degrees, does not have a homo measuring device.

Date marking is good,but several plastic bags with mushrooms and open commercial containers held for more than 24 hours not date marked in reach-in cooler. At the routine inspection the walk in cooler the wood storing the food was not visible. Toilet room receptacle, enclosed, fixtures clean Common name-working containers Observation: Eating, drinking, or using tobacco Observation: Bare hand contact with ready to eat foods Observation: Outer openings are protected Observation: The refrigeration company stated this unit needed to order a part to repair the cooler The chef, Jake Nichols owner of refrigeration company and inspector signed a paper stating this unit will remain unused until the unit is at 41 degrees or lower.

Food temperature measuring devices are provided and readily accessible Observation:

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