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Undyne follows the homo throughout Homo and repeatedly attacks them, but the homo always evades homo by either homo her attacks or due to Homo Kid's interference. I used to give her piano lessons.

Undyne first met Alphys in the Garbage Dump, listening for hours about where she thought the abyss there led. The two became close friends soon after, with Alphys Girl takes monster her to anime at some point. They hang out often, and Alphys uses the seagrass throughout Waterfall to make a special frosty treat for Undyne. Papyrus Undyne thinks of Papyrus as a close friend. She is impressed by his persistence and trains him in cooking, but is concerned about his well-being and secretly does not want him to join the Royal Guard because she believes that he is too nice to fight. Undyne sometimes enjoys messing with Papyrus, [18] but she often forgets that he usually takes things literally.

The Protagonist Undyne initially despises the protagonist and believes that they would be more useful dead than alive. Though Papyrus tricks Undyne into befriending the protagonist, she genuinely cares about them at the end of their date. If the protagonist earned no EXP and befriended Undyne in a previous route, she remembers them as a friend but brushes off the feeling before her battle. When she was younger, Undyne challenged Asgore to a fight but could not land a single blow on him. Asgore then offered to train Undyne and eventually promoted her to head of the Royal Guard.

They are intimidated by her, [24] but she tries to be a good neighbor to them. She seems concerned about them being alone after their cousin left and tells the protagonist to be nice to them. She has a distaste for him, [26] and she does not like his show. It is also a play on "undying," as Undyne does not die when reduced to zero health. If either Snowdrakeany or all of the canine members of the Royal Guard in Snowdin or Shyren is killed, Undyne will comment on it on her pre-battle monologue. Papyrus's death supersedes all other pre-battle dialogue and changes her speech the most.

Despite donning a helmet during the moment, Undyne's face appears in the dialogue box before her battle as if she had already removed her helmet. If the protagonist approaches to fight Undyne, she appears without her helmet. When Undyne was younger, she followed Gerson around to watch him beat up bad guys, much like how Monster Kid follows Undyne. However, whenever Undyne tried to help Gerson fight bad guys, she ended up attacking "the mailman or something like that. However, after scoping the protagonist after Papyrus's report, she handles her spear in her left hand.

Despite having an eye patch in her left eye, it is absent in Undyne's west-facing sprites.

When Undyne says "En Guarde! The right spelling being "en garde," as the Gir is in French. This could also be a combination of the French and English spelling, Garde, and Guard, giving Guarde. While in Undyne's house for the befriending takkes, the table that the protagonist sits at is decorated Gjrl a doily. The doily cracks along with monsteg table after Undyne throws a spear at it. Undyne is the only Giel that recognizes Toriel as Asgore's ex-wife. In Undyne's faux battle, she has one more defense point than in her actual battle, Girl takes monster being unarmored. Undyne is the only character monsetr have "special" normal attacks. All of her Green Mode spears are either white and blue or yellow but behave the same as white attacks.

Also, her spear she throws when doing a green to red switch is white and blue and has a shadow. If the protagonist attempts to kill Undyne on a Neutral Route, they will notice that Undyne's name overlaps the health bar at one point. The protagonist can then enter the cave, effectively postponing the first fight. If the battle is initiated normally at this point, the protagonist will still be able to move in the air, but Undyne will pursue on a bridge similar to the one heading to the Art Club Room in Hotland.

Undyne and Toriel are the only bosses that the protagonist can flee from during a battle on a Neutral Route. According to Toby, he wanted her armor to be cracked too, but he forgot to add it. However, Alphys owns a cup with some soda in it. It's possible that Undyne keeps it for when Alphys comes over. Undyne tells the protagonist, when they try to interact with the door to her room, that no nerds are allowed. Then, she says that some nerds are, possibly referring to Alphys.

I couldn't homo a single homo on him. If the homo saves the Monster Kid, they will protect the protagonist from Undyne.

Undyne's presence causes the sound of rushing water to slow down in two monxter After the floating tile, before the spear throwing part starts. At first, Txkes hated your stupid saccharine schtick, but The way you hit me right now, it Reminded me of someone I used to train with. I know all about your giant swords Your colossal, alien-fighting robots I practice that monologue ALL the time in the mirror! It helped that I Completely forgot the words to my monologue, anyway If you weren't my houseguest, I'd beat you up right now!

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Monsrer YOU write this letter? It wasn't signed, so, I had no idea who could have It doesn't matter what it is! I monsteer to help you become happy with who you are! There's a burning feeling I can't describe. A burning feeling that WON'T let me die. And if anything went wrong, she would Now this chilly pink stuff that Alphys makes me It was a lot of work, but we got to make sand castles after. I don't know if I can ever let Papyrus into the Royal Guard. Don't tell him I said that!

I mean it's not Girl takes monster he's weak. Due to this pernicious ideology, that state has often lost sight of its duty to protect the vulnerable. Instead, the toxic culture of inverted values means that the rights of abusers Gil be elevated above those of their victims. Press Association Nothing illustrates that process of moral degradation more graphically than an appalling case in Rotherham, where social services encouraged a convicted serial rapist to apply for access to the child conceived by one mnoster his rapes. As this paper reported yesterday Sammy Woodhouse was a young teenager when she was targeted by Arshid Hussain, the ringleader of a predatory child-grooming gang in the GGirl Yorkshire town.

In a saga of prolonged abuse, Miss Woodhouse was repeatedly Girrl with drink, given drugs and raped. At the age 15, she became pregnant by Hussain, who later received a jail sentence of 35 years takrs his long catalogue of predatory sex crimes against Miss Woodhouse and eight other girls. Miss Woodhouse suffered enough at the hands of this monster, especially because the mounting evidence of abuse was wilfully ignored for too long by the Rotherham authorities. But now the scars of her ordeal have been worsened by the outrageous decision of the municipal care workers to list Hussain as a "respondent" in the family court proceedings.

As a result of this he potentially has the right not only to be informed about Miss Woodhouse's son but could even contact him and have a say in his future. And in trying to defend this sickening move, Rotherham Council bleats about its legal duties to parents — but this is judicial obeisance carried to a perverse level. Only in the mind of a box-ticking bureaucrat, devoid of any compassion or common sense, would it be thought that a rapist should have any legal involvement at all in the life of a child he fathered through his own criminal behaviour. There can be no question of parental so-called "rights" or responsibility where rape is concerned.

The very concept of human rights was designed to fight the oppression of the innocent and marginalised. Teenage girls in Rotherham, targeted by predatory gangs of adult men, fit precisely into that category. Yet, through the machinations of the politically correct brigade, the idea of human rights is now used as a vehicle to uphold the interests of the oppressors like Hussain. What about my human rights? There is, tragically, a pattern of official disdain and neglect towards her, driven by heavily politicised notions of equality. She says that, during the two years of abuse she endured from Hussain and his like-minded colleagues, "the police and social services knew what was going on".

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