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We decked out the tent with sound systems, an outdoor jacuzzi, and huge beds beneath the sky. He strictly did not want the women phome take the face part of the burka off when they removed their clothes. He was a very strange man. Sgarjah would watch the servants have sex with the women. Sharjag G-Classes full of women in sekeing. What about weird parties for locals? He invited ln to the orgy. When they were finished it was like a bomb had gone off in the hotel. I had to organise steam cleaners. Our guests, again, are Stella Rotaru, who works as a repatriation assistant for the International Organization for Migration, who helps Moldovan victims of human trafficking get back home.

Here's an email from Marcia. I wish more of us had your courage and your dedication. Do you know of any agencies or any way one might sponsor a young woman victimized by trafficking so that she might have a chance at life? Is that question to me? I think that's to Stella. If somebody wants to help a girl or group of girls or maybe - it depends on the amount of money, they can write in the mail to us. And there is a certain procedure, because last week we've already had 1, dollars donated by several people from the U. So it's possible, and there is a procedure already.

And Bill Finnegan, do you know the address or procedure for this? And we'll have that email sedking on our website as soon phond we can get up there, so you can find it at npr. And let's see if we can get another caller on the line, and this is Emily, Emily with us from St. I also just wanted to thank you for discussing this topic. I think it's very important. I just have a quick question snarjah prevention measures, as far as you know in somewhere like Moldova or phonne else. What is kind of being done at the grassroots level, maybe, you know, to tell these or warn these girls or boys if, you know, if you're approached by somebody, Girl seeking phone sex in sharjah you know sjarjah that, you know, to be wary?

Well, Stella Rotaru, I know seekjng go around to schools in Moldova. We have groups of volunteers, Girl seeking phone sex in sharjah together with these volunteers we go to different schools, eex, to villages, to xeeking all puone Moldova. We've used before the movie "Lilja 4-ever," a very strong movie, now the last play is the theater play which is called "Abandoned Sharjzh and basically it is a very powerful play. It shows migration and trafficking as a phkne of illegal immigration. So volunteers go see,ing schools, they watch this movie or xeeking theater play, and after iin they have discussions. Also, there are advertisements on the radio.

There are talk shows. Seeing a lot of work is being done ssharjah the prevention side. And then very important and a new approach, in my one program is that we started in already, providing assistance to the so-called at-risk cases. So, because we really think that it's more important to help a person who is in the risk of being trafficking, and it's easier to help the person than to rehabilitate this person after the trafficking experience, when the traumas are much more bigger. But Bill Finnegan, you also have pointed out in your article, most of the Moldovans, and other people from poor countries in Eastern Europe who go abroad, those jobs really are there.

So this is really only a small fraction that get - they get victimized this way. I mean, the kind of prevention work and awareness work that IOM and other organizations do in places like Moldova is really extensive and quite successful in kind of raising people's awareness of the problem. But the sort of counterpropaganda, as it were, that is all the money that flows into a place like Moldova. A third of Moldova's GDP is now estimated to be remittances, you know, money sent home by people working abroad. That's just the kind of material argument there. I mean, Stella described people fixing up their houses, getting new cars, all that stuff. People, in other words, having successful emigrations, is much stronger, especially for, you know, a young, unworldly person who, you know, doesn't see any opportunity at home and thinks, well, you know, I don't really know anybody who's been trafficked, I mean, which is partly a function of the relatively few people who are caught up in it.

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