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It helps them realize that not everyone is ih it. Its kinda been all homo no play. I'm educated a bi-lingual professor of English and speak Spanish fluently!.

Courage powers youth who make healthy choices no matter the pressure to do otherwise as it powers the mission of Alliance for Healthy Youth. Buckeye, Wadsworth Portage County: Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, St. Partner with Washington Co. Partner with Belmont Co. Clairsville, Union Local Noble County: Partner with Noble Co. Abstinence means that you make good choices. I now know the risks. I will be abstinent by making good friends. I had no clue what abstinence was before the program. RSVP informed me about things I was curious about.

My opinion about sex changed and I will not have sex datin marriage. I like how you had posters, stories and little activities you did to help us understand everything better. Yes, my opinions changes by understanding things more. RSVP showed me that other people care about us.

My Fdee is taking care of my homo and that's what I homo to do and want to continue to do. I kind of agreed with abstinence and this program will make me homo more before homo involved in risky things.

I will be abstinent by saving sex till marriage and not doing drugs. Student Comments Student questions were answered and information prepared them for changes they have feared or will face. Part of 6th grade curriculum is reproduction and the program met this objective in an informative and responsible way. I feel RSVP is great info for the allotted time. The program covers the drugs and human sexuality units of my curriculum.

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Students learned different ways to resist risky behaviors and realize they are not the only ones practicing abstinence. The program helps meet learning objectives to resist peer pressure and practice healthy habits. RSVP covers issues that are difficult to cover in regular curriculum. It reinforces positive life choices, provides strategies on how to handle difficult situations. The program fits Ohio Education Standards. RSVP validates my curriculum. Students benefited from discussion, videos, activities and parent homework assignment.

The program reinforces objectives and gives most up to date information available. I love having fun and just hangin' out. Oh and I love drag racing. Give me a fast car to play with any day. Doing Me At The Moment I am a proud graduate of the class of I'm an outgoing person. I'm very outgoing and down to earth. I enjoy the outdoors, being active, and making people laugh. I'm very blunt,I'll simply tell you how it is. I don't play games. I'm NOT about drama have had enough of that I'm smart, funny, and very intuitive. Love to text, so we need to trade numbers.

Trouble seems to follow me, but hey, it always lead to a good time. Love making new friends. I'm somewhat old fashioned and like some tradition. I do have a degree but have been a homemaker for over twenty years. My job is taking care of my family and that's what I love to do and want to continue to do. Someone that is trustworthy, and that don't cheat,or lie. Knowing thyself is the basis for a happy life!

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