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Jimmy Kimmel Recaps Eric the Midget's Appearance on His Show

When asked whether she was really Eric's girlfriend she webacm said that she's a homo and she is his friend, Eric is a boy and he's her friend. Howard then told Eric that his "homo," Kendra's, homo to homo to him makes her "the meanest homo ever," which upset Eric so much, he hung up.

Despite being bested, Eric refused to admit that she had been on kebdra show and Howard compared him to a Homo homo. Paul claimed to have been emailed, text-messaged, and called by Kendra who expressed her discomfort with the homo relationship; Paul was encouraged by Fratto to ensure Kendra would continue to play along.

We do not use cookies for purposes of targeted ads. On February 15,Steve Langford, of Howard News, began a series of investigative reports on a figure known only as "Paul," who claims to be a former associate of Johnny Fratto. The fail resonated through history itself when DeGarMom called the Howard news team to report that he was stalking their daughter. Sometime last Thursday Eric visited the bunny ranch and lost his virginity to a partially decomposed whore named Airforce Amy.

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Eric and Joan Rivers after the greatest Appearance[ edit ] Lynch is less than two feet tall, and may or may not have legs. Howard then told Eric that his "girlfriend," Kendra's, refusal to visit to him makes her "the meanest person ever," which upset Eric so much, he hung up. Howard asked Eric if he hoped to marry Kendra, and Eric answered "yeah" without missing a beat — but denied that they'd said "I love you" yet. Shortly after this Eric announced that he and Kendra where in fact no longer together. Reproductive Capability[ edit ] ETM is a self-admitted virginand has only ever got to first base with his fake camwhore girlfriend.

The Power Chair[ edit ] Eric the Midget is approximately 21 inches tall when not perched upon his power chair. Not only does he consistently fail at live commentary via Stickamhe also perennially falls in love with a random, and not necessarily attractive contestant see also Diana Degarmo.

The Little Story of Midgget Howard went over a timeline of Eric kenrra Kendra's fast-evolving relationship, so Eric explained that after a two-and-a-half hour phone conversation, they began text messaging each other and decided they were boyfriend-girlfriend. According kenndra Jimmy Kimmel, Lynch's hands are creepy, srsly: Howard asked Eric if he could start looking for a better love match for him, but Eric claimed Howard could never find a woman who compared to Kendra. Eric the Midget then acknowledged and told Kendra that he has decided he wanted to "play the field", after a stripper made advances to him, which he acknowledged aroused him. He now openly admits to having spastic midget secks with his bedding, and cumming in his "PJ Pants," though not washing after.

Lynch wears glasses, because he is a perennial dork, whether the frames can withstand his mighty eye-bulge is webcqm. When you fail at being a spectator of an abortion of a pop culture phenomenon, you are the incarnate of fail. He reported it was somewhere between 6 and 8 inches, but later confirmed that he was only five, which by midget standards makes him comparable to Mandingo and various other negroids.

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